Day 422: 14 months

I interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you a KB update! This sweet girl turned 14 months old yesterday and I feel like she’s changed so much in such a short time.

I’ll start with the obvious, she poses and smiles for the camera like a champ. K even has a “fake smile” already. 🙄

Kensie is in the “putting things into containers” phase. Everything goes SOMEWHERE. At the gym she loves to take the markers out of the holder and put them back. Then out. Then back. Repeat x infinity. She also relocates the clips into other buckets, like the chalk buckets. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Things frequently go missing…

While we are on the gym topic, she’s also started copying everything people do, following them on runs, pulling on bars, turning the volume up and down on the speakers (oh joy), drinking out of any and every water bottle she can reach 🙄, and….sitting on everyone’s laps. (We all know she hated Santa’s lap. But sweaty people? She’s all about it!)

Kens has also started putting things away! Sort of. If she brings me something and I ask her to put it away, half the time she’ll walk to where it goes and put it back. The other half of the time she starts to walk that way then throws it on the floor and starts doing something else. I’ll take what I can get!

She loves to bring me (or anyone who’s home) books to read to her. It’s always the same 4. 2 baby Einstein books, Where is Baby’s Belly Button and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. She can point out a dog and moon in the books!

KB finally blows kisses AND makes a kiss sound. Her blowing kisses involves a finger or 2 in her mouth to pop out and make the kiss noise. 😂

I think my favorite development: If I open my arms and ask for a hug, she runs in with a huge smile and gives me one. 😭 K also has a thing for hugging other babies and trying to give them kisses. They usually push her away but it hasn’t hurt her feelings yet. She’s a persistent little one. Haha!!

KB mimics people and it’s absolutely hilarious. If you cough or laugh loudly or make a large gesture, K copies it. She does this fake laugh where she leans forward with her hands on her knees, cheeses and blinks. It’s fantastic.

Her less impressive skills include flushing toilets and unraveling the toilet paper across the bathroom.

She still does the finger over her lips noise to say “mama” but go figure, she added “bottle” to her vocabulary!

Our little nugget is finally filling out her 9mo clothes and starting to grow into her 12 month outfits. I got her to stand on the scale this morning and she’s at 19.13lb! She’s got 7 teeth and some molars about to break through. 😳

If you’re still reading, I’ll award you by letting you know we had a costume malfunction this evening and I had to get to the nail salon before they closed so I don’t look ratchet for Christmas, so we will continue our song in the morning. 😜

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