Day 325: Hurricane Irma

Kensie was no different than the rest of us today: Stuck inside and shoving her face full of Hurricane snacks. 

She was sure to share with the dogs as usual. πŸ™„ K actually took her sharing to a whole new level today. 

KB will straight tackle you for a peanut butter sandwich. 

I learned a fun fact yesterday – I’ve always tried to help squeeze the food out of the pouches for her…well, she apparently doesn’t need my help and if I just let her have at it, she sucks them empty! She likes to feed herself and I like that she eats really food so it’s a win win. 

Kens was pretty pissed about nap number one but after a while she finally stopped yelling and gave in. Nap two was an easy start but way too short lived. She was either eager to join back in on the Hurricane Party or ready to watch the Packers play!

For being stuck inside, it was a pretty great day! Kens loved the extra attention and got to spend a lot of time wandering the house wherever she pleased since there were some extra eyes on her. 

Now Kens is sound asleep and it’s time for the real hurricane party to begin. The winds are starting to kick up and the rain is off and on but for now, we are all good. Hoping to wake up to nothing more than some leaves in the pool and some branches on the street tomorrow! 

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