Day 305: 10 Months Old! 

We’re going a little out of order and posting her 10 month update and then her weekend recap because it’s way too much to fit into one! I know I probably say this every month but where does the time go and please slow down!! Ahhh I love this little 10 month old booger. This has been such fun month of new things!! 

KB can speed crawl (it’s a thing), stand on her own, give high fives and wave hi and bye! She likes to climb up anything and everything (including the person holding her) and is starting to gain some depth perception thankfully. 




All her moving around made for some interesting 10 month photos…

What you can’t see is me holding her hand so she’d be still for half a second.
Cheese…and peace out.

Kensie’s got the belly laugh down and if you give her a blanket she’s going to play peek-a-boo with it. She is SUCH a happy babe and does an adorable little shoulder bounce when she laughs really hard and it melts my heart. 

She’s tried lots of food including tuna and as long as it’s what mom and dad are eating, she wants it! K has a special talent of storing food in her chipmunk cheeks and once you think she’s done she’ll start chewing again. 🤦🏼‍♀️ She still loves mama’s milk and shows no signs of wanting to wean herself anytime soon.
Kensie is definitely in the “mimic” stage and will move her hand back in forth on her lips to make funny sounds. She says hi, bye, yay, Dada, Ama and Babababaaaa.  KB sticks her tongue in and out like a lizard and loves when it makes people laugh. 

She’s got her 2 bottom teeth and gives the sweetest kisses that involve grabbing the sides of your face to plant one on. She does a super sweet eyelash bat when she gets kisses and and leans back when she wants one while I’m holding her. 

We’ve gotten a lot of “she looks like a little girl now!” comments and while I agree; I’m still in denial. 

Her favorite book this month is Chika chika boom boom and she likes to have me read it about 12 times a day. 

Kensie LOVES to crawl (as you can see), throw things, yell/talk nonstop, grab other babies, take baths, splash in any and all water and get any attention in general. She’s a momma’s girl when she’s tired or hungry but other than that she’s full on party mode. 

Part time daycare plans are being pushed until AT LEAST January because 2 more months is way too soon I am a stage 5 clinger. At least we know where Kensie gets it from. 

We are officially in party planning mode for Kensie’s first birthday and I’m not even ashamed of the over-the-top ridiculousness that it will be. 💁🏼 Happy 10 months, baby girl!!!

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