Day 274: K is 9 months!Β 

Guys. Today marks 9 months since I’ve gone without sleeping more than 5 consecutive hours. πŸ˜‚ Oh, I meant to say KB IS 9 MONTHS OLD! Same thing. 

Kensie is so much fun and her personality is showing more and more each day. She’s extremely smart (a little too smart), sassy, funny, hyper and snuggly all in one. 

Morning snuggles are my favorite.

She’s taken a liking to yanking my hair (not a fan), thinks it’s hilarious when I tell her “no” and give her a straight face πŸ™„, and LOVES to CLIMB!

KB is crawling EVERYWHERE and can destroy her playroom in under 5 minutes. 

It makes her monthly photos super easy…

In the last week she’s started pulling up on everything and anything and loves to stand! She has impressively good balance and coordination and still zero depth perception. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Our days involve a lot of chasing her around making sure she isn’t going to climb onto something and divebomb off of it. 

Got up all on her own!

She sits on her knees and we can tell she’s determined to walk before she’s one. 

Slid right off her chair to stand up. Miss Independent.

Kensie is going 9 months strong on breastfeeding!! She can put a spoon in her mouth by herself but still doesn’t care for purees. She’s all about some finger food that she can feed herself! Our options are limited since homegirl still has ZERO teeth. 

Kensie recently started belly laughing at a lot of things, especially the dogs. She’s given big smiles and a little squeal here and there for months but now she’s really laughing and I love it!!

Her favorite book is “Where is baby’s belly button?” and she brings it to me to read every day.  

She still loves Baby Einstein and she likes the songs in Moana! When she watches baby Einstein and they sing “if you’re happy and you know it” she claps when the other kids clap. She cracks up at the puppets and any time they say “yay” she stops what she’s doing and claps. 

She applauded herself for sitting still for half a second.

Kensie loves shopping with mama, smiling at everyone and has started SCREAMING when she “talks”. She does constant vocal chord checks…like girl, we can hear you. 

Favorite shopping buddy. πŸ‘―

KB can sign “more”, wave, claps about 20 times a day and says “yeay”!

She can also say “hi”, “dada” and “baba”…whatever that is. Let’s replace those “b”s with “m”s this month – thanks Kens! 

“Okay can I get down now”

She’s still a momma’s girl but she definitely knows who daddy is and loves grabbing his face and giving him huge smiles when he walks in the door or picks her up. 

Kens is 18.2lb according to my super accurate “weigh myself then weigh myself holding her” method. She’s still in 6 month clothing and 9 month PJs. My little long legged lady! She’s finally starting to fill them out so maybe she’ll fit into her new clothes soon. πŸ˜‰ 

OH! And as of today my little fishy can officially float on her back all by herself!!!

After we host a baby shower this weekend it’s full on first birthday party planning mode! I’m. Not. Ready! 😭 

Happy 9 months, KB!!! To say “I love you” isn’t nearly enough! 

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