Day 233

This is how Kensie felt about having her bow photo taken today. 

Not a fan of the flash.

K was still super cranky this morning but we had a much better afternoon! She fought her morning nap and basically had a repeat of yesterday’s “nothing makes me happy attitude”. Still no teeth in sight. 

Before lunch I decided K needed a little retail therapy and it worked like a charm. 😉 We got back home and had lunch, played and she went down for her afternoon nap without a peep! I even got some giggles out of her! 

Kensie was much better at the gym this afternoon but never took her second nap. She dozed off the minute I put her in the car to go home and I thought for sure I’d end up with the typical over tired crying once I bathed her and went to put her in bed. 

Wrong. So wrong. (Thankfully)

K took her bath, ate, burped and immediately face planted onto my shoulder and started snoring. I think she officially set a record for the fastest time she’s ever fallen asleep. 

And for my favorite photo of the day…

Except herself, when she crawls backward into the corner. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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