Day 192

And the winner is…

Congratulations, Megan!! Message me your address so we can get your cuffs mailed out! 

Loved seeing all of your “Mommy & Me” photos. Being a mom is the best – and our mom’s are the best – aren’t they? 

Speaking of moms, mine came to town today! Gramma came for a day visit with K and she had so much fun. (“she” as in both of them…) 

Surprise Gramma visit for K!
Kensie loves Gramma!!

I had a blast as well because I got to NAP! Kensie showed Gramma how she sits up and rolls over and she played herself to sleep this afternoon. 

Gramma is magic. I have never seen her fall asleep on her stomach or mid playing!

This morning I got to practice for the twins I want to have. 😜

Kensie had to pause playing for nap time. Girl likes her beauty rest!
Kensie’s like “what does my mom think she’s doing?” 😂

Just kidding. Kind of. 

A couple brought their sweet baby in and she started to fuss as soon as their workout was starting so I picked her up and she went to sleep. She was so sweet! Kensie loved having a friend to stare at. They’re only 2 weeks and 1lb apart! 

It’s safe to say Kensie had a blast today. She was bathed and in bed completely passed out before 7pm! Thanks Gramma!!!

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