Day 29: K’s first Christmas tree! 

Anyone that knows me, knows I have an obsession with Christmas. The season, the music, the decor, anything and everything Christmas; something about it just makes life seem so much better! As we were running errands yesterday, I found Kensie the most perfect tree for her nursery. 

Gotta start her early on her love for Christmas.
Even has her very own ornaments!

I usually don’t decorate until the day after Thanksgiving, but I couldn’t wait so I made a small exception. 🙊

If breastfeeding weirds you out, here’s your warning to stop reading now. 

For those of you still reading…I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that Kensie was crying uncontrollably last night. She’s had really bad gas and been very uncomfortable the past few days after feeding. I really don’t believe in babies crying for no reason, so, I looked up some of her eating habits and a lot of her actions are consistent with me having a fast “let down”. Basically, milk comes out too fast and too much for her so she gulps and swallows a lot of air and usually stops eating pretty quickly because her tummy is bubbling and laying on her back causes her to cry from the discomfort. 

I decided to try pumping and giving her bottles today to see if that helped her. While it made me a little sad, it seemed to work! I’ve had a happy, full baby all day. 

She even holds them on her own! 😉

I plan to keep trying to give her a bottle in the morning when my supply is higher and see if it continues to work. 

Kensie also got a new bathtub! She LOVES to lie in warm water and the foam flower we got her doesn’t work well with our sink since it’s shallow. So for now, we have a clean, happy and sleeping baby! 

She fell asleep in this pose…

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