Day 335: 11 Months Old!

It’s an exciting day over here in the Hall house! It’s Chris’ birthday and Kensie is 11 months old today!! 

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

We surprised Daddy at the gym this morning with balloons, coffee, and of course a sweet visit from KB in her “Happy Birthday Daddy” onsie. 

She was all about posing for a birthday photo with daddy, but getting her to take her monthly photo was a completely different story. 

So mad daddy kept putting her back on the blanket for me 😂

I guess we can kick off her monthly post with the obvious fact: K is a drama queen. In the best way of course. She can turn the tears on and off like a pro. At least at this age, it’s still cute.

Kensie is crawling like crazy, climbing on everything, standing up on her own and walking with assistance! 

Which is why her monthly photo was near impossible.
She gets very creative with what she can turn into a walker!

Kensie loves eating at restaurants. By eating I mean eating anything you’ll give her for the first 20 minutes, then reaching for anything she can grab and throwing it on the floor while attempting to climb on to the table. It’s a real adventure…

Her good looks get her out of a lot of trouble already.

Speaking of getting out of trouble, K knows EXACTLY what the word “no” means and she likes to test that boundary every chance she gets. 

As you’ve seen in recent posts, she’s mastered cheek storage. Turkey is her favorite food to store in her cheeks and she’s a pro at hiding it. If you do anything short of scoop her cheek out with your finger before letting her get out of her chair, you’ll catch her finishing it off about 30 minutes later. Her favorite food is still zuchinni and turkey is a close second. 

Kensie is still going strong with breastfeeding and is finally sleeping through the night. Sort of. She still wakes up once, but she puts herself back to sleep. So, I’ll claim it. 

This month KB learned how to drink from a straw and momma learned she has that ability the hard way. She can also feed herself and once she realized that, she stopped letting anyone else feed her. She doesn’t want you to put food in her mouth, you have to hand it to her first. 🙄

Kensington is unbelievably smart and impresses us with the new things she figures out every single day. She can tap her nightlight on from watching me do it, holds phones up to her ear, uses her finger to “scroll” when she’s holding my phone, points at anything she wants or to tell you where she wants to go, reaches for the door handle to open doors, uses her sign language in new contexts and copies everything she sees us do! 

K is officially in the “open and empty all of the cabinets” phase and it would keep her entertained all day if we let her. She loves to crawl around the house and explore. She’ll only go so far before she turns around to see if we are watching. Once we make eye contact, she tells us “bye” and continues on her way. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Kensie has an obsession with remotes, babies and dogs. She gets unbelievably excited when she sees any of them. We are still working on being…um, gentle. 

Kensie still loves car rides a and has started “singing” in the car. I guess it’s more like humming, but I know what she’s going for. 

This little lady is extremely strong, happy, loving, independent and fills our lives with so much joy!! 

Alas, next month is the big O-N-E! I’ll just be over here sobbing about how quickly this year has flown by. No matter how much you cherish the moments, one thing is for sure, the time will pass anyway! 

And this is the best it got today.
Notice my hand. Trying to prevent the turnaround-and-grab for the 11th attempt at a photo.
…this is how the rest of them all look.

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