Day 6: Taco Tuesday 🌮

Kensie had an awesome day today! She let us sleep through the night last night (minus eating) and slept in her crib like a champ! It was her first day home with just mommy and she had a great day eating, sleeping and chatting about life! 😉

Kensie Brooke in her Grey bow!

We took a walk to the mailbox to get some fresh air and she absolutely loved it! 

This afternoon her Aunt Shell came over after work for a visit and she babysat so I could run to the store. She was so good and I was so thankful for a few minutes back in the real world!  

Aunt Shell and K!

And finally…Tuesday’s are for family dinners and TACOS! Kensie had her first Taco Tuesday tonight with Aunt Char and Uncle Rob! We started the tradition when K was the just the size of an Appleseed in my belly. 
We caught her mid yawn…the taco party wore her out!

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